Monday, August 25, 2014

Betsy Halter New Release!

Introducing the Betsy Halter with color change hud! 
No need to worry about getting several colors, they are all there right at your fingertips! 
No lag script and very VERY VERY easy to work hud...
Wear the mesh and click the button and there you go! 
All ready for you! 

Now available for only 125L 

Rigged Mesh halter bathing suit in 5 sizes, 8 different colors! 

SLURL: Moonspell (224,159,22)


Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Group Gift!

This is for all the MTCouture group members! 

There is this adorable little Dotty Tote Bag with holding pose in the mainstore! 

Make sure you have your MTCouture tag on and click the box! 

Thanks for being such loyal customers! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Upcoming Ideas

Hello All! 

Where to begin...oh I'll just jump to the good stuff! 

All MTC Designs and MTCouture clothing, furniture and accessories will be making their way to the marketplace vault...



Soon, your favorite items will only be available on the marketplace and hopefully you'll enjoy the new things being released! 

In other news, Fable Fridays has its Designer Group OPEN for new applicants! 

Do you have a store or know of an awesome designer that you would like to see on the Fable Fridays 50L List? 

Click the FF Board at the mainstore and pick up an application.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It has been too long...News and NEW RELEASE!

Hello all of the lovely fashionista's and fashionisto's out there! 
It has been well over a YEAR...yes...a YEAR! 
Since MTC Designs and MTCouture
released a new item or outfit...
Funny how life gets in the way sometimes...
That being said...
I'm back! 
Here is the newest release! 

Rigged Mesh Mens Long Sleeved Shirt
Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors! 

SLURL:  Moonspell (224,159,22)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Update!

Hello to all the lovely fashionistas out there in the land of Second Life!
It has been a long time since I've blogged something new for the store and let me just say
I am back with a vengeance!
News...News...OH, the mainstore is involved in hunts like always, special L$ days and general goodies are being offered at all times!
1)Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX - June 1st - 30th
2) The Obedience Hunt - June 2st - 30th 
There are several vendors in the store that are now MESH, so if you do not have a mesh enabled viewer, you won't be able to see them. :(
Several items are appearing around the store...Letme start with the most recent!
MTCouture and MTC Designs have new releases!
Alana: Rigged Mesh Dress (available in 5 sizes), the tote of course! Also available in 5 colors!
Anthea: Rigged Mesh Dress (available in 5 sizes) with matching hair flower. Available in 3 colors.

Another from the Simple Life set: Lazy Days! ONLY 3 Prim, copy/mod and 5 couples animations!

So that is just a peek at the newness of the mainstore! I'm feeling rather creative, so there may just be a new release or two every single day for a while...only one way to find out...stay tuned inworld and here on the blog!
Have a Fantastic Day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Update!

Time for a bit of an update!
Since I've been a busy busy bee
I have been slacking a little bit on getting the blog updated.
Time to change that!!!!
Soooo onto the Present and Upcoming Hunts
and special L$ days!
1) The Medieval Fantasy VIII Hunt is still going on: Until the 31st.
Here is the MTC Designs Hint: You can shop, or sit...I prefer the latter.
2) There is also the Medieval Fantasy Fair: That is going on until the 31st.
Once you find all the special items you get a LM
to a special place where there are tons of fantastic gifts!
1) Where Are You Spring Hunt? April 1st-30th (1L$)
2) Three Moons Hunt 3 April 15th - 30th
3) Simply the Best: Spring Bliss Hunt April 20th -May12th
1) FABLE FRIDAYS!: This week MTCouture is offering up a NEW RELEASE! That you will see later...for only 50L! Think about having your umbrella and rain boots!
2) MTCouture has joined up with the 30L$ Saturday Modern Group!
This weekend for (obviously) 30L$ is the Off the Shoulder Sweaters, in all colors!
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
3) 35L$ Sunday! Master's Chef in Black, Blue and Pink...for yes, you guessed it 35L$!
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
4) 69L$ Naughty Weekend! Springy Tops! All 5 in ONE PACK! For 69L!
These include the LOLAS TANGO APPLIERS...they are also NEW RELEASES. XD
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
5) Simply the Best! Offering Araphel's Belt, Bracers and Boots! All items are HALF OFF!
So, the price range is 25L$ to 90L$!
Here are the links to marketplace for a look see at the items:
Let me start this off by saying I really do enjoy collaborating with other designers in SL!
MTC Designs in collaboration with DjNight Fhang created a set of four outfits. These
outfits have Rigged Mesh Skirts (5 sizes), detailed tops and TANGO APPLIERS! 
Coincidentally: STARBURST willl be available in the GOREAN ROOM for 50L$! 


There is a new set to the SIMPLE LIFE collection: This is the Simple Life Slave Set:
12 Prim, Male and Female animations with items given depending on the animation selected.

Lady Payne! A lovely outfit for the ladies out there. Created and named after a very good friend of mine. This outfit is Rigged Mesh with 5 sizes, top and Tango Applier as well as little slippers!

Here are the Springy Tops! They have LOLA TANGO APPLIERS!


The Spring Shower Collection from MTCouture!
A giant leap into the realm of mesh!
Both Rigged and Non Rigged!
So new there is not marketplace link for it yet!
(I need some ice cream before I go into that lol)
Available in the MAINSTORE MTCouture NOW!
Outfit comes with :
Umbrella (click to texture change)
Top (two styles) Rigged Mesh Dress in 3 sizes
Non-Rigged Mesh Boots
Available in 6 styles! Perfect for this Spring! Not all colors are bright and frilly either!

ALRIGHT, I THINK THAT IS IT.....WAIT....WAIT....Okay that is it!
Until next time! Have a fantastic day and time in SL!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Exciting New Things!

Let me see, where to start, where to start....OH YEAH! There is a new hunt coming up! Medieval Fantasty Hunt VIII! For this hunt the prize will be ... just kidding, no peeking!!!!

Oh! MTC Designs and MTCouture have been added to the Simply the Best of SL group! There will be plenty of goodies for that, so if you are a member of the group! Great! There will be exclusive this and that coming soon! ((As soon as I can remember where I put the notecard XD))

There have been THREE NEW RELEASES!!! ((Photos included below))
1) Simple Life: Table and Chairs, copy and mod through menu, 10 prims, 2 single animations and 6 couple animations with rezzable prop. It is currently on FLASH SALE for 99L$!!!!
2) Wine Collector: A cute little themed seat for all the wine lovers out there! 4 prims and two sitting animations. For only 10L$
3) Random Stump: DOLLARBIE! For only 1L$, you can get a cute little sitting stump with 3 animations, it is 7 prims and copy only.

Oh, lets see, what is new....OH YEAH! You can now find me, Mischa Tchailenov on Facebook and Flikr! Granted I JUST set these up, so may take a few days to get them up and running. Here are the links though. :) Feel free to friend me!



What should be coming up after all of this?!?!? I'll let it be a surprise! :)