Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Update!

Time for a bit of an update!
Since I've been a busy busy bee
I have been slacking a little bit on getting the blog updated.
Time to change that!!!!
Soooo onto the Present and Upcoming Hunts
and special L$ days!
1) The Medieval Fantasy VIII Hunt is still going on: Until the 31st.
Here is the MTC Designs Hint: You can shop, or sit...I prefer the latter.
2) There is also the Medieval Fantasy Fair: That is going on until the 31st.
Once you find all the special items you get a LM
to a special place where there are tons of fantastic gifts!
1) Where Are You Spring Hunt? April 1st-30th (1L$)
2) Three Moons Hunt 3 April 15th - 30th
3) Simply the Best: Spring Bliss Hunt April 20th -May12th
1) FABLE FRIDAYS!: This week MTCouture is offering up a NEW RELEASE! That you will see later...for only 50L! Think about having your umbrella and rain boots!
2) MTCouture has joined up with the 30L$ Saturday Modern Group!
This weekend for (obviously) 30L$ is the Off the Shoulder Sweaters, in all colors!
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
3) 35L$ Sunday! Master's Chef in Black, Blue and Pink...for yes, you guessed it 35L$!
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
4) 69L$ Naughty Weekend! Springy Tops! All 5 in ONE PACK! For 69L!
These include the LOLAS TANGO APPLIERS...they are also NEW RELEASES. XD
Here is a link to marketplace for a look see at the item:
5) Simply the Best! Offering Araphel's Belt, Bracers and Boots! All items are HALF OFF!
So, the price range is 25L$ to 90L$!
Here are the links to marketplace for a look see at the items:
Let me start this off by saying I really do enjoy collaborating with other designers in SL!
MTC Designs in collaboration with DjNight Fhang created a set of four outfits. These
outfits have Rigged Mesh Skirts (5 sizes), detailed tops and TANGO APPLIERS! 
Coincidentally: STARBURST willl be available in the GOREAN ROOM for 50L$! 


There is a new set to the SIMPLE LIFE collection: This is the Simple Life Slave Set:
12 Prim, Male and Female animations with items given depending on the animation selected.

Lady Payne! A lovely outfit for the ladies out there. Created and named after a very good friend of mine. This outfit is Rigged Mesh with 5 sizes, top and Tango Applier as well as little slippers!

Here are the Springy Tops! They have LOLA TANGO APPLIERS!


The Spring Shower Collection from MTCouture!
A giant leap into the realm of mesh!
Both Rigged and Non Rigged!
So new there is not marketplace link for it yet!
(I need some ice cream before I go into that lol)
Available in the MAINSTORE MTCouture NOW!
Outfit comes with :
Umbrella (click to texture change)
Top (two styles) Rigged Mesh Dress in 3 sizes
Non-Rigged Mesh Boots
Available in 6 styles! Perfect for this Spring! Not all colors are bright and frilly either!

ALRIGHT, I THINK THAT IS IT.....WAIT....WAIT....Okay that is it!
Until next time! Have a fantastic day and time in SL!