Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Exciting New Things!

Let me see, where to start, where to start....OH YEAH! There is a new hunt coming up! Medieval Fantasty Hunt VIII! For this hunt the prize will be ... just kidding, no peeking!!!!

Oh! MTC Designs and MTCouture have been added to the Simply the Best of SL group! There will be plenty of goodies for that, so if you are a member of the group! Great! There will be exclusive this and that coming soon! ((As soon as I can remember where I put the notecard XD))

There have been THREE NEW RELEASES!!! ((Photos included below))
1) Simple Life: Table and Chairs, copy and mod through menu, 10 prims, 2 single animations and 6 couple animations with rezzable prop. It is currently on FLASH SALE for 99L$!!!!
2) Wine Collector: A cute little themed seat for all the wine lovers out there! 4 prims and two sitting animations. For only 10L$
3) Random Stump: DOLLARBIE! For only 1L$, you can get a cute little sitting stump with 3 animations, it is 7 prims and copy only.

Oh, lets see, what is new....OH YEAH! You can now find me, Mischa Tchailenov on Facebook and Flikr! Granted I JUST set these up, so may take a few days to get them up and running. Here are the links though. :) Feel free to friend me!



What should be coming up after all of this?!?!? I'll let it be a surprise! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bout Time For A New Post!

It has been a while since I released an awesome new item...
why you might ask...well RL became a little more busy with school.
BUT still there is new stuff coming up though...
In the GOREAN ROOM, there will be the Gardenia Mesh Dress (available in 3 sizes)
for only 50L!
Fable Fridays offers two outfits, one for men the other for women.
Masters Morning in Black and Masters Chef in Black.
Those are also available for only 50L!