Friday, September 21, 2012

New Release just for HIM

Here we have Master's Morning! Its the first in the MTC Designs line for men and it happens to be Rigged Mesh. Available in 9 colors, covering many but not all of the Gorean Castes, definitely the high caste colors though. :) The alphas that can be worn work to wear either the top, bottom, or both at the same time. As a special item with each outfit there is Master's Morning Recliner. A 6 prim seat with four couple animations, including a serve (for that morning cup of blackwine) and a scroll reading animation. The recliner has rezzable props AND the pillow and clover are texture change, so it can be customized per any room. There are nine color/texture change options. This is very exciting as outfits for men are few and far between, MTC Designs plans on creating a series of affordable and detailed clothing for all the Master's and Jarl's out there.

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